Carbon water filters can come in different forms, including pitcher filters, faucet filters, and whole-house filtration systems. The filter needs to be replaced periodically to maintain its effectiveness.

The Multi-Media Carbon Water Filtration System is an economical and easy way to purify your drinking water. It uses a microfiber carbon block filter to remove chlorine, taste, odor, lead and other impurities. The system attaches easily to your faucet and comes with a convenient storage bracket for the filter cartridge.

It’s time to experience the pure taste of water. With our new Multi-Media Water Filtration System, you can enjoy clean, crisp and refreshing water. Our counter top filter also makes it easy to replace all your kitchen appliances with a single appliance, one that is powerful enough to purify all your drinking and cooking water.

Multi-Media Carbon Water Filtration System

Carbon Water Filter in Dubai

Easy to install and made of durable materials, the Multi-Media Carbon Water Filtration System is designed for home use. This filter removes bad tastes and odors from tap water and improves its taste. It reduces free chlorine compounds, lead, mercury and other heavy metals that may be present in local water supplies. The unit can be installed on the kitchen faucet at a height that suits you best so you don’t need to bend over or get down on your knees to fill a pitcher when you want water.

Experience clean, fresh-tasting water from every tap in your home. Enjoy crisp and cool water from the refrigerator and ice maker, with filtered ice that lasts longer than unfiltered ice made from the same frozen water!