Aqua Best Dosing Pump

Aqua Best Dosing Pump is a type of pump used to accurately inject a precise amount of fluid or chemicals into a system. It is also known as a metering pump or a chemical injection pump. Dosing are commonly used in a variety of industries including water treatment, agriculture, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing.

pumps can be operated manually or automatically. In automatic operation, the pump can be set to deliver a specific amount of fluid at predetermined intervals. This makes pumps useful for a wide range of applications where precision is important, such as adding chlorine to swimming pools, injecting nutrients into agricultural irrigation systems, or dispensing medication in a hospital setting.

pumps are typically positive displacement pumps that use a reciprocating piston or diaphragm to displace the fluid. The volume of the pump chamber is known and the stroke length and frequency can be adjusted to achieve the desired flow rate. Some pumps also include sensors and feedback systems to ensure that the correct amount of fluid is being dispensed.