12-24 36-48 up to 500 GPM Ultraviolet UV system in Dubai

12-24 36-48 up to 500 GPM Ultraviolet UV system in Dubai

We are providing UV system at cheap price in Dubai. For more details please contact us through our website.

UV systems for drinking water treatment, wastewater disinfection and surface finishing.

Our company in Dubai provides high-quality, cost-effective Ultraviolet (UV) systems designed to protect your water and wastewater against contamination, viruses and bacteria. Our UV systems are effective against protozoan cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, who are capable of causing severe illness in humans

Aqua UV Systems are the most powerful and efficient water purification systems on the market. Our products are designed to improve water quality, reduce maintenance costs and increase swimming pool or spa time.

Aqua Best is the complete solution providers of all types of UV ultraviolet water filtration system in Dubai. If you are looking for any types of UV ultraviolet system we are here to fulfill your requirements.

Below are the list of our UV water filtration system in Dubai –
UV-Ultraviolet 12 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 150 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 200 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 24 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 250 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 300 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 36 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 400 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 48 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 60 GPM-H/HTM
UV-Ultraviolet 72 GPM-H/HTM

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