Best UV Ultraviolet 60 GPM

UV Ultraviolet 60 GPM in Dubai, UAE

Aqua Best UV-Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers 60 gpm System utilizes the energy of the germicidal bright light to obliterate the DNA of fluctuates sorts of infections, microbes, and other microorganisms. UV light enters the cell layer and core of miniature living beings to annihilate the atomic obligation of nucleic corrosive, to inactivate the infections. The UV sterilization waveband is between 60 to 300nm which turns into the most grounded of 253.7nm.

UV Ultraviolet 60 GPM in Dubai, U.A.E.


  • Flow Rate: 60 GPM:-
  • The UV Sterilizer can be used for several requirements
  • Food Processing industries
  • Uv lamp: 05 no.
  • In/ outlet: 2’’
  • Bio- Pharmaceutical plants
  • waste water treatment plants
  • Mining Water Treatment etc.


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